St Kilda Talks

October 2019

October 08, 2019 GDay St KIlda Season 1 Episode 1
St Kilda Talks
October 2019
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Thirty minutes, three guests and many local events to discuss.
With co-host Michelle Nicol
Topics include:
Spencer P Jones Lane
Theatre Works
Christ Church organ recital
Sacred Heart Mission Heart of St Kilda concert
Port Phillip Community Group AGM with Kate Incerti
Fiona Lee Maynard from The Fyrefly
Cr Louise Crawford discusses Red Stitches Ulster American and Cafe Philosophique at The Espy
Betty Sargent talks about Conceal, a  7 minute video as part of Luminous on Fitzroy Street
All part of TWiSK This Week in St Kilda

Fiona Lee Maynard from Fyrefly
Louise Crawford, actor, activist, Councillor
Betty Sargent, PluginHuman