St Kilda Talks

November 2019

November 01, 2019 GDay St Kilda Season 1 Episode 2
St Kilda Talks
November 2019
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Gday and welcome to the November edition of the St Kilda Talks podcast recorded at the Espy in their tiny but gloriously retro podcast studio.

St Kilda Talks is created by Greg Day, producer of This Week in St Kilda, a weekly list of arts, music and community events in St Kilda. 

In November we chat to Melinda Martin from Linden New arts about the upcoming Postcard Show.

Adrian Spurr and Mariella Del Conte from VegOut about their Big Sculpture exhibition and competition – we’ll discuss how you can get involved.

Clare Birtles, one of the many performers in She is Vigilante being staged at Theatre Works

 And finally, Janenne Willis, who has put together a pop up museum here at the Espy about the legendary philanthropist and Espy resident Alfred Felton. 

This month my co host is Michelle Nicol, a woman in the know. 

Melinda Martin, Linden New Arts
Adrian Spurr and Mariella Del Conte from VegOut
Clare Birtles, She is Vigilante @ Theatre Works
Janenne Willis, Esplanade Hotel arts curator