St Kilda Talks

December 2019

December 01, 2019 GDay St Kilda Season 2019 Episode 3
St Kilda Talks
December 2019
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Welcome to the St Kilda Talks Podcast December show. I am Greg Day your host and creator of the This Week in St Kilda newsletter, a list of arts, music and community events in St Kilda.

This month we have a triple A guest list … that’s actor, activists and authors. Just what you’d expect in St Kilda.

You'll meet Peter McEwen from the Pride Centre Board for an insight into the progress so far for this exciting development for Fitzroy Street.

We chat to Brett Cousins from Red Stitch Actors Theatre about Oil, their epic current production, and their 2020 playlist.

We also meet author Dave Willis whose fascination with the rich history of St Kilda has prompted his latest book, A Guide to Historic St Kilda.

Our face in the crowd this month Karen Sait, from Port Phillip Community Group.

Our surprise co-host this month is Carmel Shute, comrade, rabble rouser and definitely a woman with a fantastic database. 

Peter McKwen, Pride Centre
David Willis, A Guide to Historic St Kilda
Brett Cousins, Red Stitch Theatre
Karen Sait, Port Phillip Community Group